Description :

A desiccated coconut powder plant involves various machineries to process and produce desiccated coconut powder from fresh coconut meat. Here is a description of the typical machineries used in a desiccated coconut powder plant


1. Dehusking Machine: :

The Dehusking machine is used to remove the outer husk or shell of the coconut.

It employs mechanical or manual methods such as rotating drums or spiked rollers to crack the coconut shell, making it easier to remove.

2. Deshelling Machine :

Once the husk is removed, the deshelling machine is employed to separate the coconut meat from the hard inner shell.

This machine utilizes mechanical or manual processes to extract the coconut meat efficiently

3. Testa Removing Machine :

The Testa is the brown outer skin of the coconut, and a Testa removing machine is used to peel off or scrape the Testa from the coconut meat.

This process improves the appearance and quality of the desiccated coconut powder.

4. Pulverizer :

The pulverizer machine is used to grind the coconut meat into a fine powder.

It employs high-speed rotating blades or hammers to break down the coconut meat into small particles, ensuring a smooth and consistent texture for the desiccated coconut powder.

5. Washing Unit :

The washing unit is responsible for cleaning the coconut meat before further processing.

It may involve the use of water or a combination of water and brushes to remove any dirt, impurities, or residues from the coconut meat.

6. Lump Breaker :

A lump breaker is used to break down any large chunks or lumps of coconut meat into smaller pieces.

This machine ensures uniformity in the size and texture of the coconut meat, facilitating efficient drying and grinding processes.

7. DC Powder Pulverizer :

The DC powder pulverizer is specifically designed to pulverize the desiccated coconut flakes into a fine powder.

It uses high-speed rotating blades or hammers to finely grind the coconut flakes, resulting in a smooth and consistent texture for the desiccated coconut powder

8. Vibratory Sieve Separator :

The vibratory sieve separator is used to separate the fine desiccated coconut powder from any coarse particles or impurities.

It employs vibrating screens with different mesh sizes to achieve the desired particle size distribution and ensure the quality of the final product.

9. Tray Dryer with LPG Setup:

The tray dryer with LPG setup is used for drying the desiccated coconut powder.

It consists of multiple trays or shelves where the powder is spread out in thin layers.

Hot air generated by the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) setup circulates through the trays, effectively drying the coconut powder and reducing its moisture content.

10. Powder Packing and Sealing Machine :

The powder packing and sealing machine is used for efficient packaging of the desiccated coconut powder.

It automatically fills the powder into pre-made pouches, bags, or containers, and seals them securely to maintain the freshness and quality of the product.

11. Cold Storage:

A cold storage facility is used to store the packaged desiccated coconut powder at low temperatures. Cold storage helps to preserve the flavor, texture, and shelf life of the product, ensuring it remains fresh and free from spoilage.

Production Capacity 2000 Nuts/Day
Power 32 Hp
Area required 20 x 18 Feet