Description :

A copra oil extraction plant typically consists of several machineries designed to extract oil from copra (dried coconut meat).


1. Dehusking Machine :

The Dehusking machine is used to remove the outer husk or shell of the coconut. It helps to expose the coconut meat, which is the main ingredient used for oil extraction.

2. Coconut Water Extraction :

This machine is used to extract the coconut water from the coconut.

It separates the water from the coconut meat, allowing for the utilization of both components.

3. Coconut Cutter :

The coconut cutter is used to cut the coconut into smaller pieces or chunks.

It makes the processing of the coconut easier and prepares it for further stages of oil extraction.

4. Solar Dryer :

A solar dryer utilizes solar energy to dry the copra. It provides a controlled environment for drying the copra, removing moisture and ensuring optimal conditions for oil extraction.

5. Copra Separation :

The copra separation machine is used to separate the dried copra from its shell. It helps to separate the copra more efficiently, reducing manual labor and increasing processing efficiency.

6.Copra Cutter :

The copra cutter is used to further cut the copra into smaller pieces. It helps to increase the surface area of the copra, promoting better oil extraction.

7. Steam Blancher with Boiler :

The steam blancher with boiler is used to blanch the copra using steam.

Blanching helps to soften the copra, making it easier to extract oil during the expelling process.

8. Oil Expeller :

The oil expeller, also known as a screw press, is the primary machinery used for copra oil extraction.

It consists of a large screw mechanism that compresses the copra, extracting the oil through pressure and friction.

9. Filter Press :

The filter press is used to separate the oil from any remaining solids or impurities.

It employs filter cloths or plates to trap the solids, allowing only the clean oil to pass through.

10. Micro Filter :

The micro filter is used for further purification of the extracted oil. It removes any fine particles or impurities, ensuring a clean and high-quality copra oil.

11. Clarifier :

The clarifier is used to clarify the oil by removing any sediments or impurities that may still be present. It helps to improve the clarity and purity of the oil.

12. Storage Tank :

The storage tank is used to store the extracted copra oil.

It provides a suitable environment for the oil, protecting it from light, air, and moisture, ensuring its quality and extending its shelf life.

13. Bottle Filling Machine:

The bottle filling machine is used to fill the copra oil into bottles or containers.

It automates the filling process, ensuring accurate measurements and efficient packaging.

These machineries, combined with proper processing and quality control, allow for the extraction of high-quality copra oil.

Production Capacity 2000 /Day
Power 36 HP
Area required 25 x 18 Feet